LG Renoir - BBC iPlayer???

    I am thinking of getting a Renoir but I wanted to know if you could watch BBC iPlayer shows on it? A quick Google search showed that you cannot stream directly from iPlayer to the phone as it does not have the correct flash player or something like that.

    My question is: if I used my laptop and accessed iPlayer from there, chose the "dowload to portable device" option, could I then copy the dowloaded file to the Renoir and watch it that way?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...!


    The LG renoir doesnt support the iplayer and very few nobiles let you downoad content,The only ones so far are the N85 and the N96.The 5800 is really good for the iplayer but only for streaming over wifi.Apparently there is to be a firmware update soon that allows iplayer to be downloaded to the 5800,…yer

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    Thanks for the advice. I considered the 5800 for the iplayer, but a better quality camera/video recording facility is more important to me.

    I was interested to see that you can supposedly watch iplayer shows on Creative Zen? I have one of these so will try that tonight... could be the answer! Then I can go with the Renoir...

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    iplayer works a treat on creative zen in case anyone is interested!
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