LG Renoir !! Help please guys and girls .. is it really hard to text on to send messages etc ??

    I'm pondering buying it but wondering if its crazy hard to text on and i should get a LG Secret instead ??

    thanks in advance for any help ..

    flic x


    I bought my daughter one for Xmas along with a contract that had unlimited texts! Thank God!

    She never stops and says its sooooo much easier than her nokia. I even prefer it to my iphone but I aint swapping! :-)

    I have a viewty and my sister has the Renoir. Absolutely no problems at all although I have heard some people say they just can't get on with touch screen at all.

    wanna swap with my lg secrecT

    Original Poster

    thanks for all your help so far !! be interesting to see if lots of ppl think the same thing. It's right what you say .. some people have struggled with the touch phone. It looks like such a mega phone i fancy giving it a go then i could always sell it on the net and buy a secret !!
    I'm planning to get it on oranges £25/per month 400 mins unlim texts.x

    Original Poster

    i ended up going for the orange one, i'm a bit nervous of redemption contracts now so thought i'd go for a simple one this time. x
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