Found 13th Nov 2017
In the market for a 43” 4K tv and was really keen on an LG until I read all this RGBW stuff.
What I can’t understand is how can you tell what is RBGW as LG doesn’t seem to publish which models are and which aren’t?
Also LG makes panels for nearly all tv manufacturers out there (including some for Samsung apparently) so how come Sony, Panasonic etc aren’t RGBW?? Or are they and we don’t know it??
Any help/ info appreciated, I can’t seem to find the right (unbiased) answers online.
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parsimony10 m ago

Check out this site https://www.displayspecifications.com/en

That's a data scraping site, not a testing site. Their data is frequently wrong is not applicable to the UK models so don't rely on it.

There's a lot of tabloid hysteria about RGBW so before you dismiss it have a proper demo to make sure the colour issues actually bother you. They may not even be an issue any more given that the majority of RGBW TVs are now wide gamut and can produce more saturated colours than necessary for SDR. I certainly didn't find it an issue when I was looking.
tvs have gone complicated more than there should be , it has big crt tv, then flat screen, then hd, now 4k, but now it's 4k ultra with hdr, that's hdr but not hdr but is hdr but different manufacturers , different viewing.
picking a tv, should be chose size you want, pick wherever it can play 4k or HD, with both to there max, such as full 1080, hdr with 4k , then pick prefer brand, the only difference then should be for gamers who need fastest tv
It's not in the TV manufacturers interests to give over clean and concise information and as far as I can remember it has always been that way. It's the same with audio equipment where they hide behind peak rates and give crazy frequency ranges but not the db level and distance to mic at the lowest frequency.

I would go to avforums.com/ to do research and hunt for a TV where people aren't flaming it too much. Just because the TV has a good panel doesn't imply that it isn't a lemon of a set and some equally poorly sold TVs can be a diamond in the rough.
Thanks for the replies all, looks like more research needed...!
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