LG Shine?

    Anyone have the LG Shine? Was thinking about getting it but wasnt sure about 1 thing....

    can you have a ringtone as your sms msg tone?

    IVe got the samsung 250 at the moment and its msg tones are rubbish, i never hear my phone when i have a msg and would love to have a ringtone as a msg tone like i did with my old nokia!


    I've got one and I must admit that I have found the ringtones tricky to master. I haven't really spent long enough playing with it though. I also often don't hear it and am convinced that it sometimes doesn't ring at all and I just get a missed call allert. I have it on vibrate as well. It is a lovely looking phone but it doesn't have voice command so pretty useless to me with my bluetooth in the car. The predictive text isn't as good as my old phone (it doesn't complete words for you after a couple of letters). To be honest I prefer my old razor but I have given that to my daughter so I'm persevering with my lovely looking shine.

    they are awful,i have one my sister and auntie.
    the ringtones are quiet,our phones always just switch themselves of,dont buy it
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