Posted 4th Jul 2016
Hi, wondering if anyone can help me with this, had a quick look round the internet but still not 100% sure. I have an LG TV with 2 HDMI ports, which has a feature called Simplink (which I thought was LG's implementation of HDMI ARC but I may be wrong). I've also just bought a Philips soundbar which has (amongst other connections) an HDMI ARC port and an optical port.

I currently have Sky+ HD plugged into one of the TV's HDMI ports, and a Fire stick in the other. What I want to be able to do is power on the soundbar and control the volume with the Sky remote (as I can if the sound is coming straight from the TV). I have connected up the soundbar via optical and all is OK but I have to use the soundbar remote to switch it on and change volume.

If I plug an HDMI lead from the soundbar HDMI ARC to the TV, will that allow me to control the sound with just the one remote? But with only 2 HDMI I'd need to plug both the Fire stick & Sky into the one remaining HDMI port on the TV - using a splitter?

Or would it work if I just plugged the soundbar into the headphone jack on the TV?

I thought this would be straightforward but obviously not (unless it's just me!).
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