LG ThinQ Google integration

Posted 6th May
I just bought an LG 55um7400 on the eBay deal last week. Very happy with the TV in itself. Excellent picture, excellent viewing angles, excellent blacks, very good interface.

The only thing that seems to be a let down is the integration with Google home.

I had hoped that I would be able to operate it with the Google home mini that sits next to the TV. I can to some degree but it seems hard work in comparison to operating the Chromecast.

With the Chromecast I can just say "ok Google play xxxxxx on Netflix" and it would work, it would play on the right chromecast as it knew which room I was in from where the speaker is located.

With the TV I seem to have to say...
"Ok Google ask LG to find xxxxxx on Netflix"
Then once it has found it I have to say
"Ok Google ask LG to play"

Is there an easier way?

I had hoped that saying " ok Google ask LG to play xxxxxx on Netflix" would work but it doesn't seem to, it just says Ok but then nothing happens. An I missing something?

Also slightly frustrating that I can turn it off but not on (can get round that with the broadlink but still something that should be sorted)
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