LG TV No HD Channels?

Posted 11th Jul 2018
Just bought a new LG TV, all working great through my Virgin V6 box, but having problems with freeview play.
When scanning for channels it picks up 107 but no HD channels, I know I can just watch through the Virgin box, but was thinking of getting rid of it as all we have is freeview and broadband anyway.
I've also got another LG TV (a year old) in a room upstairs which picked all the HD channels up no problem
I've looked on the forums but can't seem to get anywhere.
I've rescanned several times, but still the same, any ideas would be welcome?!
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Try the new TV upstairs to rule out aerial point signal strength

If you only have the one aerial on your roof, try a rescan downstairs with new TV with upstairs one disconnected
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I second @chocci 's advice.

Additional point:

1. Try to test with only one TV connected first to the aerial/TV distribution unit/ TV booster. If new TV is too big and bulky to move upstairs for testing, use a run of co-ax cable from upstairs to downstairs to the new TV. (Weather is good, so a shortest run could be through the windows from one floor to another.)

2. If you have a TV signal booster (multi-co-ax ports) that is old and situated upstairs, then the signal strength could have got degraded over the years, whilst it is sufficient to drive the upstairs TV, because of much shorter cable run, it wouldn't drive the downstairs TVs. Or the old signal booster can only drive good signal with only one TV connected. That's what happened to my TV signal booster (which was around 20 years old), there were HD channels, then two channels became erractic, then none at all after a rescan). The solution is to buy a new TV booster/distribution unit. (Another option is to borrow such a TV booster from a friend for testing.)
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Are you sure the new TV is Freeview HD capable? I know most tvs are now but they haven't always been.
Thanks Guys, funny thing is I got the HD channels in the end with a set top aerial, the booster one couldn't get them?!
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