LG TV optical out

Found 10th Oct 2017
Anyone know if there is any way to nave the TV speakers and the optical out on at the same time?

I could just mute the TV and turn surround sound on or vice versa.

But at the moment I have to go through loads of menus to switch between the two.

Hope this makes sense....
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Not unless the TV supports it. I can't think of a workaround. Perhaps a programmable remote that can do all the frustrating things automatically. Like Harmony remotes.
What make is your surround sound? Like mentioned previously it depends if your TV and surround sound is supported
It’s Logitech
I’m pretty sure you can have both on the last two LG TVs I have had. Used mine with a sound bar but I chose to keep my tv speakers off as it made it sound robotic and tinny if both on, especially on sports
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