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Found 11th Aug 2009
Hi, anyone spotted any blinding deals on the LG Viewty, looking for one for my dad.....he wants a big screen with a decent camera (5MP), everything else is by the by.

Last time i got him a phone via a catalogue first customer deal, 50% off...anything like that would be great !!!

Seem it on 3 for £15 a month, but i think he'd prefer to PAYG.

If you can recommend any other phones which meet his requirements, please advise.

Rep for helpful pointers.

Best price Ive seen so far is around the £95 mark.....
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I have LG viewty and it is the worst faking phone I have ever had.DO NOT BUY!!!..battery life is very short,connection breaking,keep getting phone calls straight to my answer machine half the time..
Please do not buy or you will regret it.Stick to NOKIA
Another vote for not buying this phone. It really is poo.
I have the Viewty Lite version, not sure if it has different software but it runs well. No crashing, no delays, all good.
BTW do any of you guys know if its possible to put an alarm on for when the battery is low? Getting annoyed at the phone just being off without warning when it runs flat.
Cheers guys, think Ill have a rethink then.....any one suggest a better alternative, huge screen & good camera are the only requirements @ a good cost....
TERRIBLE battery life ... 4 service repairs in one year by Phones4U and all on battery life (still never offered to change the phone). At one point the battery life went down to just over 2 hours.
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