LG Viewty is damn stupid phone!!!!!! Trying to find anybody have the same problem?

    Saw somebody complaining about LG Viewty, thought about my continous problems, anybody else had the same problem with me????

    It's absolutely a s**t phone. I regreted so much for getting this stupid phone.

    One of the serious error: I send a text, and the stupid thing got mine lost to god knows where, and randomly pick a text from inbox or sent items and send out that one to... I don't know who. Sometimes it sends my sesitive msg to some person I barely knew. It's so damn annoying. I have to type a text so many times before it can send it out correctly, imagine it's a long msg.

    And don't get me started with the stupid functionality. A phone without copy and paste!? Only except when you are editting current text, what do you need copy and paste in current text for!? If I want to copy something, I want to pasted to somewhere else!!!
    GOD!!! I still got a few monthes before I can get rid of this thing.


    i sent mine back after 2 weeks, drove me nuts. replaced it with a nokia 5800

    i have had mine for 12 months now , and no problms what so ever

    get the renoir, ace phone packed with features!


    i have had mine for 12 months now , and no problms what so ever

    Same here,no problems and a decent phone.:thumbsup:

    I have the Lg cookie (stupid name for phone) and it is really buggy, turns itself on and off for no reason, resets the defaults when it wants to & cuts of for no reason,

    Have had my viewty for ages now (about 6months) having no probs at all, really happy with it.

    i had the viewty and loved it initially. Got fed up of touch screen lol and calibration got worse! drove me do lally so flogging it now.

    My OH has the Viewty and hates it.... Not sure why exactly, lord knows I should do though the number of times he's complained to me about it!
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