LG Viewty o2 12 mth contract - are they reliable?


    Looking at the 12mth 02 deal for the lg viewty from dialaphone with 8mths half price via redemption.…s=1

    Question is please, are they reliable in terms of customer service and paying the cashbacks?

    Anyone had any positive or negative dealings.

    Anyone know of a better deal, must be o2 and 12mths only





    I would say make sure that you read the terms and check your bills. Sometimes they say that you only get cashback if your bills do not go lower than say, £25. I know if someone whose bills where coming through at £24.99 and cashback was refused. Also, it would be a good idea to send away your required bills by recorded delivery so then you can argue with them should they say that these have not been received.
    If you keep on top of it, its perfect and there is money to be made.

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    cheers will do!

    i did it a few years back and it was pretty hard keeping upto date with them all,they give you a short window of time to send in your bills,but when i did do it in time it was lovely getting the cheque in the post,but do be aware that alot of these companies are going bust,i think 3 have this year alone,so you'll be pretty ******ed if they do go into liquidation because you have no come back what so ever,id suggest sticking with the actual phone companies,see what offers they can give you,me personally i've been with 3 for 4 years and they offer me great deals every year when i tell them i'm cancelling and going to a competitor,good luck.

    ive had 4 phones over 4 years with dialaphone, with no real probelms . always send in the bill recorded delivery because if you dont they wont receive it ??? upon getting your contract enter all redemption date into to your new phone to alert you when to send in the bill ( never send in a bill even 1 day early as they will return it to you) thus creating more chances for royal mail to lose your bill. My contracts up nxt month and i will be with them again.

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    thanks, but when i post it recorded it can take 1 day or 2 or 3, how will i know if they will get it one day early and reject it?





    thanks, but when i post it recorded it can take 1 day or 2 or 3, how will … thanks, but when i post it recorded it can take 1 day or 2 or 3, how will i know if they will get it one day early and reject it?taS

    Just send it one day after you the opening date starts for when you can claim your cashback.
    When you send it recorded/special delivery, make sure you write down the item number. It usually starts with 2 letters followed by a number. Then you can log onto [url][/url] and click on "Track Item" and you can tell when it has been signed for an received. Leave it about a day. Also, call up in about 3-5 days and get someone to verbally confirm receipt and make sure that you take their full name and extension number if need be. :thumbsup:

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