lg viewty on t-mobile payg

    Hi folk,
    First post here so here goes;
    We're looking for a Lg Viewty on T-mobile payg for our daughter's birthday.
    Does anybody know of any good deals or cashback etc.
    Cheapest we can find is about £175 which is out of our price range - so any help appreciated


    hey had a look , nice phone very exspensive . found it for £99.95 on o2 but you can get it unlocked…ver

    well done bfjem its the chepest at 97.80

    and tmobile to…521

    £99.99 here @ additions or £69 apx with 30% off £64 after quidco cashback

    use XX057 for 30% off your first order will give you another 8% cashback its on o2 but i think o2 dont sim lock their mobiles (but im not sure)

    this is for any new account and can be found on the additions website under the offer tab

    Original Poster

    Wow, thanks for a quick and very useful reply.
    Much appreciated thanks, looks like she might get a present after all!

    both my daughters have the lg cookie and they are really really pleased, this is in your price range and thinner and a newer phone check it out PLEASE she wont be disappointed and you can get it in pink !!!…PAY
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