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    Hi guys,
    my year and 12 day old nexus 5x has now just started bootlooping and since November seems to be a common fault with these phones and lg appear to be offering refunds...

    I did purchase this phone in Australia though and its slightly past the warranty, will I have any problems with LG covering this issue?

    what are your experiences with them? thanks


    I had awful experience with LG for air conditioning, denied basic facts.

    Gave up and bought Mitsubishi units to replace 3 year old system. Sorry to say but hope you are luckier.

    You may have a problem. My G4 bootlooped and when I gave them serial/imei number they said it was a European model but I was still covered as it was in the EU. Possibly implying that the warranty would have been void outside this area. Obviously still try though as you may be lucky. Good luck

    Where was it purchased?

    I bought my G4 off ebay so was stuffed. They took weeks to contact me after phoning and emailing. They did get back to me on all correspondence. Phone them and wait for call back. You need copy of receipt. You can only try

    My G4 developed a faulty LCD. LG idiots told me that it wasn't covered by the warranty because the fault "might go away." I won't be buying another LG! In the end they did send a courier to collect it, four weeks after I reported the fault, and returned it a week later with a note saying that they had checked the software version. The LCD was still faulty. I replaced the LCD myself in the end.

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    Where was it purchased?

    Australia, i spent three months in oz.

    Might try google support too see if theyll help
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    htc one m7 a++

    My LG G4 starting bootlooping end of November. Sent for repair, then got repaired but lost in the post on the way back. Still waiting on a refund...
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