LG WD14311RD washer dryer - anyone spotted one?

    Researched WDs and "I want that one" -WD14311RD 8kg load. LG have about 20 models that are only a tiny bit different from each other, but after downloading manuals from the UK service section of I found out that this model has dramatically quicker washing times. n.b. the main LG uk website displays some models, which according to LG customer service phone support do not exist!
    LG told me that this model has been on sale already for 3 weeks - Currys tell me that they are in the warehouse for the first time this week, in shops anyday.
    So, if anyone visits their local Currys, and if they pass by the WDs, please could they post on here if they notice a WD14311RD.
    Tried calling about 10 local independant shops and they all (bar one which is 20 miles away) say they can't get it, or it's not worth their while.

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