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Found 19th Apr 2009
Can anyone tell me what happened to Friday's thread concerning the LG x110 netbook on sale (then) at Zavvi for £199? Can't remember if it was under Computers or Electricals.
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....i've been wondering for days too! I am a newbie, so for a whle i thought i'd misplaced it, but i can see by my 'last posts' (and I replied in thread) that my posts have vanished.

I could be surmising here, but the offer vanished when thread did, so i wondered if offer was a zavvi mistake and they asked for link here to be removed on proviso they would honour members who bought.....

I hope so very very much! as Ive had confirmation and i hope I recieve pc, I will keep you updated ( i will throw a tantrum if not!)
I have just recieved confirmation of order dispatched!!!

and I also managed to get an external LG dvd (reduced as a bashed box) so I am absolutely thrilled, I wish I could have left kudos (or whatever its called) to original poster > was it your good self 'Decentbloke?' because I'm very thankful to original poster. I'm so pleased, specs are everything I needed and price was perfect for my measly budget LOL
It was not I who posted the deal, and I'm afraid I don't know who it was. Hope it lives up to expectations though :thumbsup:

TBH, it will suffice regardless, ( AM EASILY PLEASED HERE) as old 12" lappy was 512 memory and i worked ok on that, I just wanted a XP netbook with a decent hard drive and SD card reader ( as i take a lappy to my endless concerts) so needed to be able to add photos, and save and view and casually trawl net - whilst out and about and drunken! plus slob about at home without stressing about my tribe of kids getting hands on it and decorating in their dinner (fate of old lappy/ that is, granted, still working well!)

OH! and not to have spent too much in case a freind throws (up ...or...) a vodka and coke over it .....it isnt conducive to a 'girls night out' when you are freaking about netbook!
We all have different expectations, budgets and personal needs for netbooks - and this is right up my street

Built in camera could be hysterical ...skype facilities etc!
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