LGV Class 2 advice

    Thinking of doing my class 2 soon as anyone got any advice or important information i should know?


    I drive a class 2 and have a license for a remote HIAB.
    What do you want to know?

    4 day (4 hours driving a day or an 8 hour shared day) course and test on 5th is normally suffice. Expect to pay upwards of £1100 depending on location.

    Youll need to get yourself a tacho/driver card, and allow for CPC (with qualification/cpc card) training too, although this maybe now included in courses-if not, allow another approx £500 for 5 modules.

    Expect to get paid £9-£10 an hour to start.

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    I drive a class 2 and have a license for a remote HIAB.What do you want … I drive a class 2 and have a license for a remote HIAB.What do you want to know?

    How much extra was the remote HIAB, i have been quoted around £800 for a crash course would you say this is about right?

    Work paid for my training about a year and half ago.
    Cost about £2500, that includes CPC, theory test and four days training......and a a retake on the main test X)

    The HIAB training was about £500 of that and they also paid for my tacho card separately.
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    Tied in with my work for two years and the training cost is wiped. I drive for a builder's merchant in Middlesex and my salary is £28900 basic for 615 - 1545 mon-fri, with overtime at 1.5xhourly rate, no weekends
    My best month last year I cleared £2600 after pension deductions. Normally clear £2100-2200.
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    Good look, seems to be lots of Class C jobs going around at the moment.

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    Must say all sounds good when your in a job does anyone know if there are age restrictions due to insurance?

    Some agencies want certain experience/age (for certain jobs/companies) due to the company who wants the driver, putting the liability on the agency. Some companies also ask for class 1 drivers to do class 2 work (as they feel they are more experienced). Others may also ask for drivers who have held their license for at least 2 years for example. It can be hard to go straight into a good driving job with no experience. A lot of companies now do a "warehouse to wheels" scheme , where they recruit drivers (and pay/train them) from within the company.

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    What should i use to study for my theory anyone any good books or website?

    I used the HGV theory disc and had no issues with the theory test.

    Learn the routes you are using on your lessons as they will be on the test.
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