I'm sitting my hazard test on Tuesday morning and the my theory test on the same afternoon. I was wondering if anyone else has taken these tests and if so could you give me a few pointers??
    To be honest I'm getting a bit nervy the closer it gets.


    i am now going to start driving, how many questions do they ask u

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    On the hazard test you need to get 51 out of 75 and on the theory you need to get 75 out of 100...i think

    As long as you have done your homework you should be ok, just be carefull on the Hazzard awareness tho, I just sat one for the examiners test and its a bit sensative, ie if you click to much for the developing hazzards it discounts your score for that clip, nearly fluffed my test on that, good luck :thumbsup:

    Have you done mock tests on your PC? If you are getting good scores on this you will be fine on the real thing!

    On the Hazard Perception click twice if you see a hazard, this gives you a greater chance of hitting the points window. Three clicks is too many, it will class that as an invalid attempt.


    On the hazard perception the only one I failed on was a white van that parked and a cyclist passing as he opens his door, meaning you need to take evasive action. Click the white van once it has stopped

    But as long as you've done the PC test and you are passing them you will be fine…8-1


    Finally dont buy the AA truckers Atlas, its more useless than a chocolate fireguard.

    ...............get a sat nav, it will be the most invaluable tool you need

    Ebuyer for £89.99…674
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