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    I downloaded Plex and XBMC to library my films, the programs were great and i loved having the images of the films and descriptions, as sometimes i cant tell what they are on the drive but i dont want to have the pc running all the time just to access the files,
    I have tried to put them in folders to make it easier to manage but its still mesy to navigate.
    is there any program i can have on the portable harddrive that when i plug it into the tv i can navigate the files in a similar way to Plex.
    (the drive plugs straight into tv usb port im all about keeping electric costs down)
    my tv is samsung and has plex app, and i thought i could just install it on the portable drive and it would work the same but seems i cant.
    any other methods?


    There's no way that the TV would be able to access the program from the hard drive. It's all down to the TV and how it deals with folders, libraries etc. No program on the drive can improve that. My best advice if you need something running 24x7 would be to look for the cheapest NAS available that can run Plex server and access the files that way. Other than that, run them as before off your PC/laptop, hibernate it and use Wake on Lan to wake your machine up when required.

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    thanks 4leaf,
    I couldn't use my note 2 as the server then? its more powerful then my PC probably
    I also have one of those sky now boxes but from reading I understand it is not a server or able to run the program just access the server ?

    The Note 2 couldn't be a Plex server, no. Neither could the Now TV box. Both of these would make good clients tho'. Take a look at your broadband router. A lot of them can accept a USB hard drive and allow you to share media via DLNA. It's then down to your TV to access the files from there. Still not the full Plex / XBMC experience but you're going to need to spend some money to accomplish that.

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    checked the router but doesnt have usb, might call plusnet and tell them it broke and see if they will send a new one out with usb

    Would this not work either:…ive - namely:
    6.1 Installing XBMCbuntu directly on a USB flash drive

    i take it plugging the drive into the tv or note will not "boot" the programme?
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