Library telling me games are over due??

Hi today i got a email from my library which i havent used for months and was only for the internet telling me 2 xbox 360 games are over due!!

what should i do?seems somone is stealing my library details,not sure how

never borred anything from the library


Go In Explain

go there and tell them

You could try talking to them, crazy idea but it just might work.

i think the best solution in order to avoid having trouble with the authorities is to buy those games missing by looking for a deal on hukd and then returning them to the library

that's the only way i can see

Or take out a book that gives hints and tips on how to avoid this.

Ask people on a forum who will have no clue about your local library.

libraries have 360 games WTF!!!!

Jeez when I first read this I thought it was another Ryouga/DrBluebox thread.

Are you certain you have your card still?

I inadvertantly used someone elses as they left it by a pc I was using in the library and I picked it up on instinct when done thinking it was mine put it in my wallet then used it at the desk.

big willy style;3793837

libraries have 360 games WTF!!!!

Ours do 360 and PS3 for £3.50 a week, used to do original xbox and Ps2 ones too.:thumbsup:

All I need now is a kreon drive and I'm sorted!

Original Poster

i ripped it up ages ago.last time i went into the library i just told them my details when using the pc

big willy style;3793837

libraries have 360 games WTF!!!!

I know I was gonna say the same thing

Original Poster

whats the best thing for me to do?i cant afford to replace the games.

go in and tell them you havent actually borrowed it, and you want to report that someone else is using the card.

but first check if any of your family has borrowed it without asking you!

Original Poster

im just worried now

leave the country! you still have time!!


leave the country! you still have time!!

he/she might have!
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