LIDL Bring The Pain ("Super Super") Hot Sauce. £0.79

Posted 26th Jun 2021
Perhaps by design, most supermarket hot sauces seem have an almost identical scoville arc between mild-medium-hot-XX hot. Extra (or "extra extra") hot is not that hot if you like your artisan hot sauces. With that in mind, a couple of years back I slathered a quarter of a bottle of this stuff on a vegetarian Christmas nut roast at my mother-in-laws only to discover that is had some unexpected pep. I think the extra heat comes from the "chilli extract" rather than the 25% jalapenos plus the very high amounts of vinegar which cut the chilli oil with ascetic acid making a thin and superficially but more topically spicy sauce. It'll smack you in the lips!

In my opinion there are tastier but less spicy supermarket hot sauces (Bull's-Eye Carolina Reaper Extra Hot Sauce; Nando's Peri-Peri Vusa Sauce) but for the more vinegar (tabasco) type sauces this one has an extra punch. Not perfect with everything, but for dishes or snacks where you might want a few dashes of that simple hot-spicy-salty-vinegary flavour this seems to me to be hotter than any of the other supermarket sauces I have tasted.
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