lidl deal or no deal

    am i aloud to give a heads up for deals in lidl even though i work there ?


    as long as lidl dont tell you you cant


    I think the answer is no :thinking:

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    yeah i dont want to get into trouble

    use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and ask

    PM admin before posting anything, it'll probably be ok if you don't stand to gain anything by posting

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    not a bean lol just thought as i work there i have the heads up days before anyone else

    I cant see it being a problem. Remember the Morrisons deals? Think they were a heads up from a manager werent they?

    It should be allowed imo. You will not stand to gain anything from posting the deal. Whether it IS actually allowed I don't know:thinking:

    oh am intrigued now :? can't you pm someone and they can post it maybe ?

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    yeah but there was a big thing about it wasnt there m8 ???

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    oh am intrigued now :? can't you pm someone and they can post it maybe ?

    i have just waiting for a reply im a bit useless for finding deals first thought it might give me a chance to help people .for me to put something back in as ive saved loads because of hukd :-D

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    cant say lol

    pm me the info, you wouldnt want be to loose some money

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    i wish lol i got to pay normal prices even 3p for a carrier bag lol

    Nope,, I had a dead good deal at my work, 7 nights accommodation in France for £200, but admin wudnt let me post it


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    ive asked but had no reply as off yet


    ive asked but had no reply as off yet

    Perhaps you are just thinking aloud, not allowed.;-)

    When I put a deal up for my company I got the following message:
    Hi there

    I noticed in your control panel you work for a call centre and now I've checked, it looks like you work for Skydeals? As such, you're not allowed to post for Thomson as there are Thomson links on the Skydeals site, which is enough of a connection to be classed as self promotion.
    Please let me know if you've any questions.



    There is a thread on self promotion in feedback and below is Admins response.


    I think we have gone through this specific kind of issue several times … I think we have gone through this specific kind of issue several times and ruled either way. I think the more useful way to look at it sometimes is in terms of whether the person benefits from posting rather than just 'do they work for them'.

    To be on the safe side, it's best to await clearance from the mods/admin

    weird cos the iceland people and superdrug people are always on her putting a heads up on the clearence they been marking down that day.

    and the argos people always let you know bout the sales before they on the website.

    but they always state that they work for the company so maybe its aloud if you make it known you are employed by them

    You should be allowed as long as you are not benefiting from the deal
    My sister used to do it for where she works and as she was not persanally benefitting from the deals it was alright…ls/
    that was her thread asking about the same thing
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