Lidl hosts Autism Friendly 'Quiet Evenings' in October

Found 2nd Oct 2017
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Limited to Northern Ireland for now, but may help someone

(P.s. Autism Hour went ahead this morning across the UK, you can take a look at the details and participating stores here)

Bright lights, queuing and lots of noise mean the weekly shop can be a daunting task for those with autism and their families.

So Lidl is trying to help this month by trialling Autism-Friendly Quiet Evenings in its Newtownards and Newry Damolly stores.

On Tuesday evenings throughout October, the stores will create an environment to hopefully help struggling families.

From 6pm to 8pm there will be two hours of priority queuing, no in-store announcements or music, dimmed lighting and extra assistance on request.

Also for kids there is a special in-store map to help them shop.

The Newtowards and Newry Damolly stores are the first Lidl Northern Ireland stores to host Autism-Friendly Quiet Evenings.

Lidl recently tried similar evenings across stores in Dublin, Westmeath and Monaghan after a staff member with personal experience of autism suggested that a few simple changes could positively enhance the shopping experience for many.

Back in April, ASDA supermarket's Antrim store also experimented with a 'friendly hour' to create a calm and relaxed shopping experience for those affected by autism.
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You should add Northern Ireland in the title I think
Think they must have adopted this idea in my local tesco every day , cos its empty .. Well it's either this or the opening ofa new Aldi has stolen 99% of the customers.
that sounds great - i like to shop quietly - where is it, plodging?
morrisons following suit!!

Morrisons will introduce a 'quiet hour' where lights are dimmed, music stopped and machines hushed in bid to calm customers with autism
  • Lights will be dimmed, beeping machines hushed and trolley noises reduced
  • Music and tannoy announcements will be stopped as well under the measures
  • All of the retail giant’s 493 UK stores will use the scheme after a trial this year...…tml
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