Lidl stocking up on gluten free goodies from 3rd August

Found 1st Aug 2017
Lidl will be having a Gluten free week starting from Thursday 3rd August, i personally don't suffer but a couple of friends do, hope this helps some of you anyway

They'll include:

Pork Sausages 6 pack
Pork Chipolatas 10 pack
Goodfellas Gluten Free Margherita Pizza
Goodfellas Gluten Free Pepperoni, Mushroom and Ham Pizza
Gluten Free Fruit and Nut Muesli Bars
Nairns Porridge Oats
Nairns Oat Muesli
Bounce Protein Energy Bites
Bounce Energy Balls
Sacla Gluten, Dairy and Wheat Free Basil Pesto
Nairns Biscuit Breaks
Rice Dream Organic and +Calcium Milks
Seabrooks Lattice Crisps
McVities Gluten Free Hobnobs (Original and Chocolate)
Yoshoi Snapea Rice Sticks
Lovemore Cherry Bakewells
Lovemore Apple Pies
Mrs Crimbles Macaroons
Lovemore Chocolate Brownies
Lovemore Cherry Bakewells and probably more

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