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Found 28th Jul 2008
i just wondered if andybody has any of lidl parkside tools, i know they are not going to be amazing for the price but what are they like in general.i was going to buy the jigsaw from there £22 not sure to pay extra12 ish for a bosch.Cheers
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Never used Lidl tools, so can't vouch for the quality, but if that's all the difference there is between their own and Bosch I'd spend the extra £12.
thats what i thought i just read somewhere they where not bad build for the price of one review, i just need one to finish my lamite floor in back room so dont want to pay loads but it would be nice to have one half decent for future use
LIDL's tools are all made to their spec by leading German companies.

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do you have any mate are they ok i normally buy stuff made in germany meile bosh good quality stuff normally
Get a decent make, cheapo tools make jobs a pain.
For laminate flooring i'd probably get a decent one, a cheap one might end up making a mess, not being smooth etc, and basically just chewing through, not a neat finish
do those laser guide jigsaws make a lot of difference.I dont mind paying about 50 ish if its good.I know the really good ones are hundreds just want one half decent for that price if possible.I borrowed one when i lay the other flooring took me ages but got there in the end lol.It was a black and decker jigsaw and to be honest it wasnt great at all
how much for a decent one up to the job is it possible to get one below 50 or have i got no chance
Cheap but decent with laser for £15


A Bosch or Makita would be better if ya can find one at a good price.
seems good for the price cheers
go for the bosch
they last for years and can also handle a lot of beating
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