Life don`t get much Better

    Sitting in the garden watching the horse racing, drinking cheap beer from tesco ready to start the fire for the BBQ. the sun is hot, the tan is coming and it will not be long before the vodka comes out. A couple of winners on betfair therefore winning for a change.
    On days like this life is great.


    Yeh simple things in life make a great day.
    Was it a good Tesco offer too?

    Where are you?! :w00t: Its cold and cloudy by me :x


    yes where are you, could just do with a voddie :-D

    lovely here too
    north wales

    Its tropical here - just eating a choc ice yum

    Lucky lucky person.

    We had a BBQ last week and it was only about 12 degrees, eeeek!

    Wish we arranged it for this weekend!!!

    Anyway enjoy and I hope you win loadsamoney, whap your wallet on the counter!!!!

    That the stuff tonyd - I agree perfect, although not into the horses myself but I get your drift!

    Its the simple pleasures in life that are often the best :thumbsup:

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    Sorry for you people but it is hot here in central Scotland , not too hot just nice, Yet watching racing UK,York and Goodwood along with Haydock (Liverpool, Manchester) seem to be having the same weather and to answer the beer question 24 carling £9.98 as advertised here.
    Thank you all for your contributions


    oh a bit far to go, enjoy your evening;-)

    warm, not too hot, girls playing on the climbing frame, Def Leppard on the headphones.....bliss....forget my worries for an hour.

    Not too bad here today,least stayed dry and could get washing out,should got a 2nd load but kept going overcast but rain stayed off.

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    As you can appreciate we do not see much sun in Scotland therefore it is a time to rejoice


    its been lovely here today and yesterday, and now i got bon-bons stick in me teeth, knew i should have gone for the vodka

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    People do not worry the racing has turned to USA, Belmont park (New York), the horses are running with their wellies on. just waiting for the lady mud wrestlers to make my day completely. Yes the beer is taking effect!!

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    Well I am sorry for being an old fart but ITV have an audience with Neil Diamond, I only wish instead of all these celebrity's it could have been me. So hopefully the night will finish with a bang (wink, wink nudge,nudge.)
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