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Posted 6th Nov
hello I found this free kindle book which give help for studying life in the uk test. It seems to have all materials and has exams at back. I have included details below. Thank you.…X8X

Life in the UK Complete Study Guide and Exam Practice 2020 edition provides EVERYTHING you require to study and pass the official Life in the UK Test.

Why choose this ebook?

This is the only ebook available that allows you to study the official course materials and test yourself with interactive exams that give instant feedback on the answer selected.

This publication allows you to read anywhere at any time using your Kindle device or Kindle app supported devices including smartphones, tablets, PC, laptops and any iPhone/iPad with the Kindle app installed with no requirement for an internet connection.

The ebook also contains information on booking and taking the test and will allow you to book directly from the ebook itself

So what is the test and what does it involve?

This test is a requirement if you are applying for permanent British residency, and consists of 24 multiple choice questions which are required to be answered within a 45 minute period based on traditional British traditions and customs. You are required to answer 18 (75%) or more of the questions correctly to pass the £50 exam. All questions within the tests are taken form the official bank of questions.

Key Features:

Complete study materials - taken from the official publication
8 fully interactive mock tests with instant feedback
Over 200 test questions with answers
Complete exam guide and booking information
Book directly from your device

So don't delay and start studying today.
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