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Posted 30th Apr
Hello everyone!!

Looking to finally grow up and get our life insurance sorted. We are engaged, I'm 31, she's 30 and we privately rent. No kids (at the moment) and we both have secure, full-time jobs.
Are there any companies you would recommend for us before I shop around?

Thanks in advance!
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Shop around, that's the best advice. Look at the cover, the increases (if they are incremental) and try some of the cash back sites too.
why do you feel the need for life insurance? life insurance is generally required if you have a mortgage or need to make provision for loved ones after your death.

most occupational pension scheme will also have a life insurance policy attached so unless it is necessary right now, it may be better to leave it until you actually need it?
No such thing as too much life insurance!
I found Beagle Street were good service and value by some way.

Best to shop about though for your own circumstances.
Also depends on your lifestyle as to which company would suit you. I went with Vitality because I do a fair bit of wreck diving and they would cover me for that kind of activity without a huge additional premium. Been pretty happy with their cover and premium (although they charge more if you are over a certain BMI, if you decrease it via weight loss and keep it off for 6months, they’ll reduce the premium to reflect it - can’t get fairer than that)
Standard life insurance is probably not worthwhile for you as you have no mortgage or dependants. Critical illness cover would be of benefit in the event that you can’t work due to a medical condition for example cancer is of huge benefit as you are renting and would need to cover the cost of the rent.
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