Life Insurance Advice Required

Posted 25th Oct 2018
Which is the best Insurance Plan in the market currently?
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LNG are usually a good!
There's a few, some of the big names are BUPA, Aviva, Vitality and Legal and General. If its just cover for after you die then probably L&G but if its for illnesses and serious protection family vitality is an interesting but expensive read.

I would go Aviva or LNG
Depends if you have any medical complications. You want to see what % of claims a company pays out. I have life cover with vitality and it’s great. If you are an active person and reach platinum status they give you a (practically) free watch, half price bike, free amazon prime, cash back each year, half price trainers. Etc. Look online or speak to a broker. The other important things to consider are how much cover do you need. I took £1m and it costs me £37 a month (less with rebate) and gives me peace of mind if something happens to me my wife and children will be okay financially. A nurse came to my house and tested my bmi, saliva to confirm I wasn’t a smoker and bloods for diabetes etc. I find it odd when people say they can’t afford life insurance as they are the very people who need it. But they’ll happily pay for Sky or the latest phone. Finally have you considered what happens if you can’t work but not dead? Income protection insurance. All things to consider.
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