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Found 27th Sep 2009
Hi. (I'm a bit confused by this forum style - Hope I've done this right).

I'm soon to be going on a long bike tour. A couple of weeks at least. As I have a family to think about. I think it'd be a good idea to get out some sort of life insurance policy before the trip.

I just want something basic. I remember something going round work a while ago that had payouts for disabling injuries, loss of limb/s, death etc. That's the sort of thing I want, but I'm no longer employed there.

...I'm not too bothered about health care stuff, I'm happy with NHS treatment. Just basic stupidity cover really.

Any advice? Obviously I want a great policy with massive payouts and I want to pay naff all for it. Oh and quidco too would be nice ;-)

Oh, and I have of course left this until the last minute. Can these things be sorted out quickly?

Thanks for reading.




for a quote comparison

Then check out quidco for possible cashback for taking the policy out via them

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Cheers, nice start.


Cheers, nice start.

No probs,if you find one suitable it can be active almost instantly and you can just print off the policy

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Okay, I just filled out about 15 pages of personal questions on the AA website. I selected "Level Term Life & Critical Illness Insurance without waiver of premium cover" with £50,000 cover. It came to about £10 a Month ...I may like a higher value - I dunno. Is £50,000 a full figure that my N.O.K would get if I die?

Thing is, I really don't understand what I get for my money and what options/payouts I could improve by paying I-don't-know-how-much extra. I am really, really clueless about this stuff. I thought I'd see some document at the end simply explaining about what the cover includes. But the next stage looks like a final sign-up contract. I have no idea what I'm doing. :-)

I want to look at a nice table with about 3 cost options with a list of how much I would get paid out in the event of various grizzly accidents. I don't mean to sound fussy or anything. I just want to be able to understand (in layman's-terms at least) what I'm getting myself in for.

I have a feeling the AA site was being careful not to mention death incase it depresses potential customers! I just want the cold simple facts.

I appreciate the help by the way.

why are you filling out form on AA?

do it on moneysupermarket comparrison site and it will show a fair few options

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I did. The comparison form and list of options were very brief, so I clicked one of the top 5 results to see if I'd gain more information by going along with their, much more detailed, get-a-quote process.

Ok,I see,AA is usually expensive in my opinion,

You just need to tweak the options about in the comparrisons to find one suitable to you then go for it in quidco

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Yeah fair enough. It needs a proper look over and a few phonecalls with questions (I have many).

Everything on the price comparison list was about £10 a Month tbh. But as I say, it was a very brief form at that stage. "Age, Height, weight, fags-per-day?" and that was about it.

Thanks again. I'll give it some proper research tomorrow.
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