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Posted 30th Apr
sorry to bother you I need some help.. I have a ceiling light fitting with 3 brown and 3 blue wires.. Coming out of the ceiling I have 2 red and 2 black when I connect them up the fuse keeps blowing any ideas please
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wow..... get a sparky in.
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wow..... get a sparky in.
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Probably need a terminal block?
You have probably got the switch live and neutral mixed up get a sparky in to sort the issue.
so you don't have any earth cables coming out of the ceiling? if so then are they terminated above the ceiling somewhere or just not there at all?
Seriously people get a spark in for this Not going to tell you how to do it for obvious reasons but google will see you right.
You need to identify the switch wire cable, the black wire in it should have been wrapped in red sleeving to indicate it is actually a switched live, but people often don't bother. A continuity tester/multimeter can be used, turn the power at the consumer unit off first.
Or as others suggest get an electrician in.

Edit: And if the light fitting requires an earth, do not wire it into your lighting circuit if it doesn't have an earth wire.
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Messing with electrics when you don't know what you're doing = house fire
YouTube 'wiring a ceiling rose' - it's not too difficult. Check this video.

Check a few more before you try.
Hope this helps40611114-bR0x0.jpg
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