light for under the top bunk of a bed

Posted 17th Jan 2015
We have a bunk bed in children's room but the bottom bed is quite dark due to no light getting to it. Could anyone recommend a light that can go under the top bunk or along the wall to illuminate it more for reading (so doesn't need to be a ultra bright lamp.. only thing is it has to be mains/plug powered..

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the small round led lights/torch has hook on back. Amazon
LED strip lighting? Plugs in, easy to fit and doesn't get hot to the touch.
can get colour changing ones like this…tml

Ikea sell similar (but in white light) too
We just bought my daughter a small battery operated spotlight from poundland. You get 2 in a pack. They are really bright and give more than enough light to use for reading.
My son had one of these on his wall, he has had clip on desk lamps in the past as well

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My son had one of these on his wall

plus 1 for the Ikea. We used these for exactly the issue posted by the OP.
The shade is screwed on so safe for little fingers. Doesn't get hot. Switch is close to the light fitting. Good producr.
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Ikea do some under cabinet circular led ights that has 7 different colours really good and only £30 for a set of four, they have long power cords and run from wall plug
The Bunky Bed light is a great invention although unsure if still available. It's temp controlled so very cool to touch and turns off if on for more than hour and half/ or if under a duvet/overheated. Clips on to frame. Used to be circa 30 squids.
I went and got a LED strip light, as per TAH-M suggested. not put it up yet, but will have a look and see how it is.
Did think about those battery lights, but when die you have to hunt around for batteries, so wanted a plugged in version.
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