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Posted 13th Jul 2022
Maybe it would be a funny competition to see who has spent the most money during this prime day 12th & 13th July?

I have found myself buying an awful lot of stuff that i most certainly DO NOT need!

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    Odd sense of humour if you find a thread about spending the most money “funny” imo.
    Typical TikTok generation, all about the show
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    Each to their own I guess and we're all guilty of buying things we don't need from time to time but how about taking a step back, looking at the bigger picture in terms of people starving in the world or people struggling to pay household bills and so forth ? - doesn't it make you feel 'shallow' for coming on an internet forum and starting a thread essentially boasting about how much you've spent on things you don't need ?.

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    "I have found myself buying an awful lot of stuff that I most certainly DO NOT need!" - your words (and your emphasis), not mine.

    But each to their own, I'll never understand the need, compulsion or desire many people feel to post such things on social media, but I'm the first to acknowledge that based on what I see on social media I'm in a minority.
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    I bought NOTHING this prime day. I tried looking for some bargain Robot vacuums but ended up empty handed.
    I see where you´re coming from, these prime deals have not been anywhere near as good as previous years.
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    There's a cost of living crisis on so a lot of people are struggling and have no money to spend on essential items like food, gas/electricity and petrol so I don't think they will be buying things they don't need any time soon (edited)
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    Nail clippers and knickers, needed one and you can't knock 50p knickers
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    I haven't spent anything this Prime day

    I usually do but I haven't seen many good offers this year (edited)
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    I’ve not bought anything from Amazon, got a couple of the Nintendo Switch N64 controllers as they’ve been OOS since day one. I also bought a couple of the Samsung glitch priced 980 pro 1tb drives.
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    I bought a phone but for someone else and someone else's money, so I'm happy
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