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    Hi, does anyone own, or drive a Mercedes E Class, 2010 plate one.
    The one with the little LED lights at the bottom.

    I have a question if anyone could assist..
    How do i switch just the LEDs on without switching on the main headlights.

    anyone have a clue or could find out?

    ps.. iv googled but cant find anything..


    They skimped on the manual on new Mercs?

    Original Poster

    lol.. i couldnt be arsed going through it tbh

    The LED DRLS should be on all the time...

    not only when the headlights are on as it defeats the object of DRLS.

    Read the manual, call your dealer or have a look on the DIS

    Which engine have you got in it?

    Original Poster

    E63 AMG in Pearl White.
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