Doing a bit of decorating at the moment and noticed that the current light switches and plug sockets look a bit old and tacky thus need replacing.

    Anyone know where to get these cheap/reasonable price? Will need quite a few for the whole house.

    Thanks in advance

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    [url][/url] and [url][/url] are good places to start.

    or b&q or homebase or godfrey

    We got ours from Aldi. They are the silver ones and cost about £2.99 each. How many do you need? I bought some for a rental property that we had but sold the house before we got round to changing them.

    You could try electrcal trade counters like CEF…tml
    or the electric center
    They sell quality stuff a lot cheaper than the DIY sheds and will give better advice than some spotty shelf stacker, you don't even have to be trade to buy from them.

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    thanks for everyones input! got some good places to look.


    There is always Wilkinsons as well they are not too badly priced.
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