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Light switches - master or slave?

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Posted 2nd Nov 2013
Here's one for the sparkies amongst us

I've just upgraded my halogen ceiling lights (x12) with LED bulbs. As expected, although my existing dimmer switch works, the range is very small. I bought a new one screwfix.com/p/v…557 which works, but again, the dimming range is very small, they don't go dim enough. In the instructions it says:

"This unit cannot be used in conjunction with conventional switches in a 2-way circuit. In 1-way lighting circuits the light(s) are controlled by one switch. This dimmer should replace that switch. The live wire must be connected to the
terminal marked "Live↓" and the "load" wire to the terminal marked " ".
For 2-way or Multi-way circuits (where the light(s) are controlled by more than one switch) use this dimmer and any number of VARILIGHT dimming slaves (total cable length from the master to the last slave should be no more than 50m) following the wiring diagrams below. It is not possible to use a conventional switch in combination with this type of dimmer".

So I guess that's my problem. I presume I have to replace them both? I've now found the recommended Varilight V-Pro Eclipse switches - energybulbs.co.uk/sho…ack .

My current switches are a single one on one side of the room (with the existing dimmer), then on the other side a conventional double switch (just on/off), one for the lounge and the other for the stairs.
The only problem is that I don't understand the master/slave stuff, so don't know which ones I need. How do I know which is which? Is the single one the master or the double one?

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