Lighter Life Shakes

    Hi there, just a general query as to whether or not anybody has or knows where I can get hold of these packs without having to attend the weekly sessions!




    Someone I know is using the ordinary protein shakes one for breakfast, one for lunch and then having meat and green veg only for dinner.

    You have to drink LOADS of water

    It's a similar principle apparently.

    I tried and failed miserably.

    Original Poster

    I have tried the Slim Fast aswell but cannot get on with that as it causes too much flatulence (too much info me thinks!!!).

    I did the lighter life last year and lost 5 and a half stones on it but then proceeded to put it all back on again. I didn't want to go to the sessions cos they cost so much!!!

    Which protein powder does your friend use?


    She uses body fortress whey protein.

    I think she said she also has a shake before she goes to bed so that she isn't hungry.

    she makes them up with water - and got them from Holland and Barratt

    I think you can get cheaper alternatives- but I don't know much about these

    good luck XxX

    Wow £250 for 4 weeks supply - that is an insane amount of money
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