Lightning McQueen 1:55 Movie Toy

    Looking to buy some of these diecast Mattel 1:55 scale cars from the movie "Cars". My son loves the movie.
    The best price I have found is about £4.99 on Amazon before delivery.Ebay also has a few but surely there must be somewhere else to buy these toys. Apparently they are quite rare but was wondering if anybody knew any online or even offline retailers that are selling these cars and have stock?
    I'm keen to get a few of the characters.

    Thanks in advance.:-D


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    Any ideas? All the main retailers are sold out. Toysrus have them listed for a set of three for £8.99. but out of stock Its really annoying that they aren't more readily available and the prices are overinflated on Amazon/Ebay.

    ]These have some, but not the important ones I think, for £2.99.
    Look in the cars folder and sort low to high.
    Most are out of stock, but you can put an email alert on for when they get them in.
    Sorry thats not much help looking at it, they all out of stock :-(

    I have seen the full set, but that was in Centre Parcs two weeks ago in their gift shop. Do you know anyone that's going there soon spud?

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    Just an update. These diecast metal cars are incredibly hard to find. I have managed to get a fair few from Toysrus, keep going in and out of stock. Two vehicles i am looking for are Chick Hicks and Lizzy. Somebody on Amazon is trying to sell a Chick Hicks car that retails for £2.99 for £45! WOW! Looks like these might be another TMX Elmo toy, as the Cars DVD is out very soon which will pump up the demand. Chick Hicks is also selling on ebay for hefty sums.

    The Disney Shop have a range of Cars toys i know they have the small ones too am not sure if these are what you are looking for but its worth having a look

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    The Disney Shop have a range of Cars toys i know they have the small ones … The Disney Shop have a range of Cars toys i know they have the small ones too am not sure if these are what you are looking for but its worth having a look

    Yes, i looked in the Disneystore yesterday(in Edinburgh) as I thought that would be the place to go. for some reason they don't stock the diecast 1:55 models, only the pvc ones. May try going to Toysrus edinburgh tomorrow to see what they have in stock, hate having to buy offline. ;-)

    Alternatively try this [url][/url]
    look under movies then cars the movie.
    He has some stuff out of stock at present, but he does limit characters to one per customer, so you have a good chance, as most people seem to be buying in bulk and re-selling on e-bay.
    Alternatively try buying from ebay USA. I know i did for those hard to find models, but if you want the easier to find ones, you can make a good parcel up and make the shipping worthwhile.
    Good luck

    Just remembered that Argos do a 3 pack (random contents), for £8.97.
    Look on the website.
    We got one that had Lightening, Mater, Doc. Guess these will be the most common.
    Direct Link to page…htm
    If you spend over £35 you also get a free backpack.
    All depends if your nearest store has them.:thumbsup:

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    Thanks Chappers for the links. I've now managed to get all the cars from Toysrus, apart from Lizzie and Chick Hicks, surprise surprise. As these are for my son to play with and probably destroy I' m not going to pay £30+ for a small metal car. Hopefully can get the full set in due course.

    Hi Spudgun

    they are very hard to get hold of now have you tried as an american seller was selling the whole set with Mac the truck for approx £30, included was the 2 newer ones. leakless and Nitrade, managed to get a whole set for my boy (he loves em)


    I have seen them in woolies, mothercare, the entertainer and thats about it.
    Ask in store what day deliveries are and you might be lucky to be there when the shelves have a few on - good luck, as they just dont hang around !

    Welcome to the forums bigbrother and kerryw! :-D

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    Managed to buy the whole set of 16 on Ebay for £56 inc delivery(from USA). Wanted a replacement set as my son is destroying them, might keep them until he is older. See what the prices do when the DVD comes out.

    Spudgun - the Chick Hicks and Lizzy are not available in the UK, so if you see people selling them in the UK then they have been imported from the USA, so it may be cheaper for you to buy them from there first off.

    The cars are extremely hard to find, we sell them, and the manufacturer are not distributing any more until mid January so they will only become rarer before Christmas.

    You did well to get them from ToysRUs, our local store only has the Mater!

    I saw the film when we were on holiday in america and the shops over there were doing them 3 for 2 i only brought a couple of mcqueen ones as they all want the main character at least .but should of brought more as nice and small for suitcase but it is silly what people will pay for a car that is priced at a few pounds .As i saw a bloke at a bootsale pay fifty for 2 for his son and they weren't even the extremely rare ones .

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    Toysrus in Edinburgh did have all the cars apart from Lizzie/Chick. However that was 3 weeks ago. I have been in since and it was mostly Lightning/Mater/Ramone and the double packs left. Both the chicks I have bought have been from US sellers. I hope they don't release a whole bunch of chicks/lizzies next year as i will kick myself.(unless they are new packaging, so making the original packs more desirable)

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    Just for info, if anybody is looking for the newer supercharged cars you can buy them from edirectory, the rare ones are limited to one per customer. i imagine they will go out of stock soon. Selling for more on Ebay.


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