Lightspeed survey panel prize winners

    Just wondering has anyone on here won the lottery prizes with Lightspeed survey panels, and if so how long did they have to wait for the prize cheque?
    I got an email back in July to say that I had won a prize in the July lottery draw, I emailed them to accept it straight away. Since then I have heard nor received anything in the post from them. I have sent 2 emails in the past 3 weeks asking basically if the cheque has gone astray or still to be posted but I haven't received a reply. Family & friends are beginning to think it is a big con and I won't get anything from them.


    I've been a member for quite a few years. Never won the draw tho, so can't answer your question!
    Who did you email? On surveys, it says to contact Lauren, so may be worth emailing her if you haven't already.
    Well done on winning tho!

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    Thank you, it was a total shock to me, never usually win anything of any value.
    Yeah, I have also been with them for years, always get the actual rewards when I convert them to vouchers, etc. Lauren did confirm intially by email, after I claimed the prize, but no response from my further emails. It does say it takes 4 weeks after you confirm acceptance of the prize and then when you read further into the t & c, it then states that it can take a further 6 weeks. So was already expecting to wait 10 weeks but it now 12 weeks, so beginning to get a little concerned.

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    Finally had a reply, cheques not been sent out yet. Should be getting posted in the next 2 weeks. So at least I know it hasn't got lost. lol

    Nice one!

    how much did you win by the way?

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    They said £1,000 but I will wait until the cheque is in my hand before I believe it.

    One day I might win it, lol

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    Good luck, just keep filling in those surveys, it was totally out of the blue when they told me I had won. I hadn't even paid any attention to the prize draws but we all get entered into them every time byt the looks of it.
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