Lightweight, simple and not-lame-looking travel bag recommendations please


    I'm going away for a few days later on this month with RyanAir, and as a result have to put everything I need into a travel bag less than 10kg.

    I'm not sure if I need some sort of mini suitcase thing, or whether I need a holdall - I really don't know the best sort of thing to take to be honest.

    I've looked at this one at Debenhams which looked ideal:…_-1

    ... until I noticed the weight, which is 3.7kg and almsot half way to my limit.

    Any recommendations would be fantastic, thank you!


    I take it you didn't pay to check a bag into the hold then?

    My GF has a huge tripp suitcase from Debenhams, great quality/price. I bought one of these instead for weekends away;…htm

    It's too big for the cabin but for a weekend bag to be checked in it is superb quality/size.


    Thanks for the recommendation Spoony, looks good, but I just read this … Thanks for the recommendation Spoony, looks good, but I just read this and it said....]It should weigh no more than 10kg and not exceed the maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.****.

    Thats not very big at all.......hope your going somewhere hot !!!:-D

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    Haha, I knoww... it's going to be impossible to find something

    have a look on the Debenhams site
    (Free delivery SHA1)

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    Nice code, thanks tiger!

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    Another quick bump, in case anyone's been with RyanAir recently and found something good
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