Lightweight umbrella fold stroller deals, are there any massive sales please folks?

    Hi everyone!

    We're looking for a lightweight stroller which can cope with bumpy roads and suchlike for my 2 year old. We're on a tight budget and I doubt we'll be using it for long, it's just for the long trip to take my eldest to nursery and to restrain her in the shops as needs be! It needs to fold up small as we have no space in our hall for anything really. :o(

    I have a bid on a Maclaren Techno on Ebay but am secretly hoping I'm outbid to be honest as reading the feedback, it seems the seller has a lot of complaints about stuff being filthy. Ho hum.

    Our freecycle doesn't take too kindly to requests, I have asked for a stroller before and gave up as noone replied. I think they have 'wanted post' fatigue cos of the people asking for flat screen tvs, etc! I do give away loads on there but noone seems to remember that, lol!

    Are there any huge bargains out there at the mo? Ones with reclining back so she's not pecking when she's asleep would be good, and raincover would also be good. Just something easy to fold/maneouvre with one hand whilst restraining other daughter would be great!

    Thanks so much in advance folks.
    Best wishes


    Did you know you can retract your bid on ebay?

    I got a Britax umbrella fold-for some reason they are not popular and go for peanuts-paid £15 like new locally on ebay-i will try to find out what its called...

    You could try a car boot sale too - if there are any open near you this time of year

    I might have to get down Asda next week thanks ljfx - where did you get your info from?
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