Like eating. save the bees

    You dont have to be someone who buys organic food to know that bees pollinate plants. .
    A third of UK bee colonies have been lost over the last two years and there have been many explanations given for this. There is strong evidence that neonicotinoids a class of pesticide first used in agriculture in the mid 1990s at exactly the time when mass bee disappearances started occurring are involved in the deaths. The evidence against these chemicals is strong enough that they have been banned or suspended in France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia but not yet in the UK.
    You can help to get the Government to ban neonicotinoids by lending your voice and signing the online petition…spx


    Thanks for this post.
    No bees = no fruit

    Everyone sign up please.

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    Thanks for this post. No bees = no fruitEveryone sign up please.

    Or any other product that relies on a plant to be pollinated. I have sent the link to all of my friends as well.
    There is a PDF file that you can download as well that has info to support the case

    cant get the link to work- am i the only one?! i wana save the bees!!

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    cant get the link to work- am i the only one?! i wana save the bees!!

    The link still works for me.

    You can get a printable petition form here…php

    Try googling Plan Bee or Coop Plan Bee. There are quite a few links.
    Let me know if you still have problems

    Please pass the info to others who might be interested in signing up :thumbsup:

    If the link still wont work let me know as I may need to adjust something. The initial link gives access to info about why they want the pesticides banned.

    Here is the actual petition link if you are just happy to sign…spx
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