like it?

    I'm amazed


    i would like one....

    I bought one for my dad who wanted one badly (a 4G one) and he loves it. As do I - it's a wonderful bit of well-designed kit.

    Now if it was mine, I'd probably x months down the line realise that I need 'a' laptop, but any old cheap 15.4" would do me and the selling points the eeepc has would wear a bit thin.
    I'm currently on a 12.1" laptop I bought last year to 'replace' a 15.4" I bought a year before. I kinda wish I hadn't and saved the money. The new laptop is better, but the older one worked almost as well for what I need.

    I was considering getting an eeePC for myself but it'd have been an impulse buy I'd have regretted doing somewhere down the line (probably around the time the rents due!)

    Due to the inexpensiveness of the eeePC you may find you have no such regrets though! Thumbs up to the little thing from me - just make sure you really want one.
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