like Newzbin?

    Can anyone reccomend a site like Newzbin? Newzbin as you know is all nicley indexed and with there court case there isnt much being posted. I dont mind paying of course as long as its a yearly fee like newzbins price. Thanks :-D


    I use it was like 7/8 quid odd for 10 years membership £7 lifetime membership

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    coooool! thanks i will check that out now.

    Anyone got any links on how to use with OSX?
    I've got the following:
    Thoth Reader
    Astraweb Newsgroup Access
    NZBMatrix VIP Account

    How the heck do I get everything working together?

    EDIT: Got it working with Unison quite easily


    this is all double dutch to me - can someone point me to a reference site so i can try to figure it out?


    this is all double dutch to me - can someone point me to a reference site … this is all double dutch to me - can someone point me to a reference site so i can try to figure it out? describes what an NZB file is. Basically people divide a file up into many parts and post to newsgroups. A nzb file shows the locations off all these parts, known as binaries. Note that newsgroups were originally intended to be text only (basically forums).

    You will need to find a newsgroup provider, virginmedia provide a free one to their subscribers (they still do this?) but binaries only last 7 days on there. There are many pay for services .... I use supernews at £8 a month (was a special offer some time ago). Once you have downloaded the nzb file from whereever you need to use something like sabnzb+ ( It is freeware and being actively developed (sourceforge)

    It should be noted that there are occasions where not all the files that make up a nzb are present and correct. In this case there are par2 files which can be use to recreate the data exactly.

    Provided there is enough data in the first place. sabnzb+ will download everything, recreate parts if missing from pars if they were provided and then unrar/unzip it and finally delete all the original stuff it downloaded (rar parts and pars etc). You can set it to email you when its finished....

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that a lot of the newsgroup providers provide a few hundred days retention. So if retention is 300 days but your nzb is 350 days then you will not be able to download.

    supernews and most others also do secure sockets layer (SSL) which means that your broadband provider cannot see what you are downloading. You can ususally specify port 443 yo do your downloading which is the secure http port.

    Also important, but worth checking, most of them do not keep logs of who downloaded what. - my favourite.


    nzbrus…php (free registration, allowed nzb 5 downloads per day and popup ads, paying membership - once off - stops ads and removes download restrictions.

    Last reply here i promise:

    I use supernews and they have worked flawlessly for me for the last 3 months ... $9.99/Month = ~£6.50 .... pay with paypal…L-C

    mr.potato_head;8385511 £7 lifetime membership

    I prefer this to Newzbin, well worth the £7.

    You can also try out the site and download items up to 30days retention for free (at least it was last time I checked)

    another vote for matrix
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