Like to introduce you to my son :)

    Well.. What a mental experience, which i almost fainted through one due to them trying to give my wife Lindsey an epidural when she was contracting every 2-3 minutes.. "STAY STILL WOMEN!". No facilities in ward they goto after birth for me to stay, so back home to wait for the call :).

    6 pounds 6 - born at 13.31

    So this is 'Ethan Dalmeny" (Post 1)


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    Congratulations to you all - and such a beautiful son.

    :gift::gift: [SIZE="4"]CONGRATULATIONS!!![/SIZE] :gift::gift:

    What a beautiful little bundle!



    hope the stork doesnt bring me 1 any time soon

    awwwww such a cute baby, congratulations to you and your wife
    i want a baby now :oops:
    well done to you both and welcome to the world Ethan

    Congrats!!! He's gorgeous!!!

    What a beautiful baby - congratulations - you'll soon forget all about the trauma!!

    Congrats to you, mum, and baby Ethan.

    Congratulations - I have sooooo long to wait to see my new baby. Enjoy him while he's little, they grow up so quick!

    He is gorgeous congratulations ,wishing him good health ,wealth and wisdom.You both will soon forget about the trauma and he will bring you joy.

    awwwww absolutely gorgeous

    Awwwww how cute, congratulations x

    Congratulations to you both, hes so gorgeous :-D welcome to the world little man xxx

    Awww he's gorgeous. Big congratulations to you for becoming a daddy :-D

    Remember to look after your OH, she needs it right now ;-)

    congrats to u guys

    Congratulations to you, and Ethan is such a beautiful name meaning strong and optimistic, solid and enduring xxx

    hes gorgeous and i love the name

    congrats all of u xx


    Aww, cutie, congrats. your life will change now

    Welcome to the world Ethan xx

    Congratulations Mummy and Daddy. xx

    He is gorgeous. xx


    What a beauty! Congratulations! :thumbsup:

    Congratulations on the birth of Ethan, hope you enjoy him x


    congratulations enjoy your family

    Congrats! he looks gorgeous xxx

    congratulations .. hes a cutie ..

    i want one :oops:

    congrats - a lovely time of year to have a new baby as well.

    congrats hes dead cute, i love kids.

    I wanna pull his cute cheeks

    congrats and best wishes to you all xxx

    Congrats, nice one. All the BEST to you all..!

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    Thanks for all the kind words :).

    Mummy and Ethan are home now, 12 hours after birth.. Not bad.. Both in bed now having a well earned rest. Guess it all begins now

    Ethan is very cute. Well done to you all.


    awww congratulations, you look so young x

    Original Poster

    hehe well i'm 25 - youthful looking i guess. Not gonna complain


    Congratulations mate! :thumbsup:
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