Lil Wayne in Protective Custody

Lil Wayne just got a judge to agree to place him in protective custody while he serves 1 year in jail for a gun conviction.

The judge asked Wayne, before sentencing, if he wanted to make a statement but Lil just shook his head no.

After he was sentenced, Lil Wayne was cuffed, turned to his fans in the courtroom and bowed his head.

Lil Wayne also asked for special medical attention while in the pokey because of his dental problems.

Lil Wayne's mentor, Birdman, was in court to bid his farewell.

This is the fourth time Wayne was supposed to be sentenced. The first time was postponed because of dental surgery and the second and third times were because of a fire in the courthouse.


Original Poster

He spits good music

Looks like a complete prat, hope he has plenty of time to clean his teeth in the nick.

wish I hadn't posted that picture, i'm yawning like an idiot now

What an Ass !!!!
Obvioulsy more tatoos then sense too !

Free Weezy

Big in the game

Maybe if he drops the soap in the shower he might not need to use a vocoder anymore,

[COLOR="Red"]I'm very happy that he's going to prison.

He's a Hip Hop killer and should be serving a life sentence IMO.

Hopefully while he's locked up Hip Hop will recover and return to it's former glory![/COLOR]
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