Lilt 150ml cans - do they exist?

Posted 1st Sep
Love the small 150ml cans - any idea if Lilt is available in this small size?

If so, where from, can't find them anywhere.

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Asda do a few little cans of juice, but I can't remember if lilt is one if them.
Worth a look if you have one near.
They do exist, but only in foreign countries. Mexico is one, I believe. Probably able to buy them from some of the bargain stores when they are able to get some bankrupt stock, but when and where will be a bit hit and miss.
thanks. Already tried Asda and we get Coke, Fanta and Sprite cans but they don't do Lilt in 150ml.

No luck at B&M and other such like.

Mexico is a bit far to go ;-)
Asda offers the 15ml cans in everything except Lilt.

I think the small cans are mainly used as mixers anyway, so maybe just not much demand? Lilt seems to be quite rare nowadays anyway.
I can’t remember the last time I had Lilt in any size, but I’m thirsty for it now
Woolies did them. They’re dead now though.
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