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    im looking for a good phone line rental & internet deal. Im a low user so i doubt id transfer more than a couple of gig a month and im not bothered too much about speed just want the cheapest deal.



    [url][/url] has had an article about the best deals check it out here…lls

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    id rather not sign up to talk talk i hear they are terrible

    The evil ISPs:

    Pipex (Including Bulldog and Nildram)
    Orange (if you can't cope with being persistant and nagging when things go wrong)
    Sky (see above reason)

    BT have improved alot over time tbh, but then they've had a decade since the 1997 ADSL trials to do so.

    I'm also looking for the same deal and I can't see past Tiscali's £19.99 a month for line rental and 8mb broadband.

    The only problem is I may only need my connection until January, is there anywhere that provides broadband/line rental on a month-to-month contract?

    [url][/url] is month to month


    [url][/url] I think thats 3month contract with 3months notice to leave though.

    Thanks I will look in to those. I guess with bethere I could just put in my leaving notice as soon as I've signed up...

    I take it niether of those come with line rental?

    No most ISP Providers need you to pay line rental seperately.

    IMO all of the PSTN+ADSL combo bundles like TalkTalk (which are a dozen at most out of hundreds of broadband isps) shouldn't be touched with a barge pole and they all have 12-18month contracts afaik.

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    what about cable (virgin media) for line rental and internet ?

    You dont need to pay for a voice line with VM when getting broadband and/or tv but in doing so you miss out on the lower end bundles, VM = cable = 12month contract though
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