I have posted a few deals now but still don't know how to link a picture.

    Could some kind-hearted soul take me through the process please????


    When you post a deal you should have the option to type in the address of the image. What you need to do is find the address of that picture. If you right click on the image and then go to properties its hould give a http address of the image. If you copy that then paste it in the correct box you can add that picture.

    Hope this helps

    Upload to imaeshack;

    On that site basically click the browse button, find your picture then click upload.

    Once that is done you'll see a preview of your picture and you'll also have a few lines of image code, one will be called hotlink for forums (1)

    Copy that and paste it into a post on here, note though that you have to be in the advanced reply box (not quick reply) and it doesn't work in the 1st post

    this is if u wanna link a web image....cop and past it here minus the http...delete that first

    hang on sorry...i didnt read the OP...this is to post pics for deals...woops...thought was for linking images in posts from web generally...sorry...ignore me!
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