Linking my Sony Ericsson headset

    ok folks iv got the headset a below, i dont have the instructions but im wanting to link it to my PS3
    i was told to press a button but i have no idea on how to do it, can anyone guide me through if you have the same headset and have done the same

    thans for any help


    Hi Saxo hows it going?



    switch it on and go into settngs on ps3 menu under accessory settings. follow the menu on there

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    thanks, i managed to do it, you hold down the + and - for 5 seconds and thats it in pairing mode

    well hello there Abacus me old chum, hows things mate?

    ]Here's a user guide if that helps


    thanks, i managed to do it, you hold down the + and - for 5 seconds and … thanks, i managed to do it, you hold down the + and - for 5 seconds and thats it in pairing modewell hello there Abacus me old chum, hows things mate?

    Good mate don't see you much on here now.

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    Busy offshore 2 weeks out of the month mate altho im usualy on when im away aswell

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    ok iv managed to link it to the PS3 but when i just played call of duty 4 i spoke and i couldnt hear anything on the screen or other people speaking in my ear...nothing lol
    is this normal or should i see a saxo_appeal mic icon come up when i say something?

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    anyone? lol

    Not sure, as I haven't used one myself yet, but I know on RFOM you can set the device using the in-game options.

    Maybe its on the COD4 menus, and not the PS3 itself?

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    iv tried, even the instructions for the game are so little !!

    Is there anything in ]here that would help? (it's a long thread though:oops:)

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    thanks barney

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    got it and thanks to everyone for your help

    it was in the audio input settings that i never switched on, its working braw now lol

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    Right iv got another problem now lol

    these are the instructions on what to do....

    1.Set the input to (your mic) and leave the output on (default)- one person can chat with the other players, and the replys will play over your TV speakers rather than into your mic. Great when sharing one console because everyone can hear the team talk.
    A. can hear myself on the tv and can speak to other people but there is no game sounds..

    2.Set the input and output to (default)- you will hear the game sound and voice chat through your TV speakers but won't be able to talk back. Great if you don't have a headset, or if you want the room to hear the team chat.
    A.well there is no point in this one if you want to chat.

    3.Set the output to (default) to use stereo headphones with your TV or receiver. Then set the input to (your mic) and you can chat while wearing stereo headphones. Keeping the mic close to your face could be a problem since both ears are already taken! You could try a USB desktop mic and see if that works. I will add info on that as it comes in.
    A. dont want to do this as iv got a bluetooth headset

    ok if ive got my mic on and the output on default i can here myself speak on the tele but there is no game sounds like sniper shots, i can hear everyne else but no game sounds ...arrrrrrrr

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    hmmmm think its working now......
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