links ?

    Can all you wonderful hukd people explain how I can do a link please ?


    type in the address and it converts it automatically:…ks/

    or use the following syntax:

    [ URL="" … [ URL="" ][ /URL]

    (without the space before URL)

    Click the blue earth with the paperclip symbol (third from the right).

    Then type in the webpage or copy it in the dialog box making sure you don't put "http://" twice.
    You will see this below (with google website replaced with the one you want):

    URL=""][COLOR="Red"][/COLOR][/URL] ------> URL=""][COLOR="Red"]Clicky[/COLOR][/URL]

    Change ONLY the part in red carefully and you can rename the click to whatever you want. ]Clicky

    Hope that helps I explained it rubbishly lol.

    just highlight the information u want as a link, press the 'Insert link' icon with the earth picture on, then type or paste the address you want the link to go to.

    And thats it basically, as easy as ]that.
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